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Page Spreads updated:2019-12-19 19:20:45
Spreads are pages joined together so that objects can be bled across the pages. Page spreads are often used for folding brochures, foldout sections, or magazine layouts in which pictures overlap two pages. There is no limit to the number of pages in a spread, other than the maximum page size can not be exceeded by the sum of the individual page sizes. ...

Introduction updated:2019-12-19 19:18:21
You can create your text directly in PageStream or import it from another program. You must select the ''Text'' tool before you enter new text or edit existing text. When the ''Text'' tool is selected, the mouse pointer will change to the text cursor shape. Text Cursor You must position the insertion point (text...

Exporting Text updated:2019-12-19 19:17:32
PageStream allows you to export text so that it can be edited in another program or later in another publication. Filters translate PageStream's text into a format that can be understood by text editors and word processors. You can export text in the following text formats: Export text filters included with PageStream: * ASCII: Plain text files. You...

Typing Text updated:2019-12-19 19:16:24
As you type text in a text frame, PageStream will automatically wrap the text when you reach the right margin. Press the Return key only when you want to end a paragraph. When you type in a text block, you must press Return at the end of each line because there is no right margin. Moving the insertion point: There are two ways to move the insertion point: *...

Step 1: Starting a new document updated:2019-12-19 19:15:04
1. Start PageStream. Double-click on the PageStream icon in the PageStream folder. When the ''PageStream Navigator'' appears, you're ready to start. 2. Click ''New'' in the ''Navigator''. The ''New Document'' dialog box will appear. * Name: untitled * Page Size: US Letter...

Step 3: Setting master page guides updated:2019-12-19 19:14:06
In this exercise, you will create the guides that will divide the page into the menu panels. Unlike the ''Column and Margin guides'' which can be set when you create a new document, ''Master Page Guides'' are individual guides which can be placed anywhere on a master page. Each PageStream page is based on a master...

Step 14: Printing the document updated:2019-12-19 19:13:42
Now you are ready to print the letter. If you have not already configured your printer setup in PageStream, you should do so now. 1. Choose ''Print'' from the ''File'' menu. The ''Print'' dialog box will appear. Choose ''Color'' or ''Grayscale'' as desired...

Step 10: Creating a text column frame updated:2019-12-19 19:12:48
The last step to make the letterhead is to create a text frame to hold the body text for letters. You may want to decrease the view magnification so you can see the whole page, so choose ''Full Page'' from the document window's ''View'' pop-up menu now. 1. Choose ''Create Text Frames'' from...

Step 8: Creating a text block updated:2019-12-19 19:12:17
The next step is to type the address of the company at the top of the letterhead. Creating a text block is the best solution for a small amount of text such as this. You could draw a text frame and then type into it, but it's often easier to just use text blocks for small tasks. 1. Choose the ''Text tool'' from the...

Step 6: Moving an object updated:2019-12-19 19:11:44
You can now move the logo to align it with the top guide. Ensure that ''Snap-to-Guides'' in the ''Layout'' menu is selected, and deselect ''Snap-to-Grid'' if it is selected. A checkmark will appear beside them when they are selected. 1. If you deselected the logo, select it now. The logo drawing...

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