Contacting Us
If you use an Internet browser, you can click on the link above to jump directly to PageStream's web site.


Online Ordering:
Mail: 15851 US Hwy 85, Belle Fourche, SD 57717, U.S.A.

Mailing List: We answers questions posted to the PageStream mailing lists. For joining instructions, visit the mailing lists section of the help system. This is the best way to get free technical support. You must subscribe to the mailing list before posting messages to the list.

Prerelease and Beta Mailing Lists: We also run four other mailing list for Amiga, Linux, Macintosh and Windows specific testing of prerelease and beta versions of PageStream.

FAQs: Some questions are asked by so many people that we have prepared answers. You can read FAQs for various products.

Email Support: If your question is private, you can also email Please use the mailing list for all but private questions. Include your full name and registration number with your private email, but do not include your registration number on the mailing lists!

Mail: 15851 US Hwy 85, Belle Fourche, SD 57717, U.S.A.

Free Updates: Visit our web site at for program updates.

Before you ask for help
1. Check the ReadMe file included with PageStream for information that may pertain to your problem.

2. Check the troubleshooting section of the help system for suggestions.

3. Test other files in PageStream and with other programs. Try to narrow down the problem to get more helpful solutions.

4. Make sure your equipment is properly connected.

5. Remove optional extensions and utilities that are run automatically when you start your computer and which could conflict with PageStream.

6. Know your program version, computer hardware, operating system, and registration number. If posting in the public forums, please do not share your registration number.


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Using the Internet or an online service is the most cost-effective means of getting your questions answered. You can post a question and receive a reply within a few hours or a day. Patches to the latest version of PageStream are made available online.