Scaling Objects

To scale an object with the mouse: Select an object with the ''Object'' tool and drag one of its size handles. Hold down Shift to constrain scaling to the object's current aspect ratio. If ''Snap-to-Grid'' or ''Snap-to-Guides'' are selected in the ''Layout'' menu, the object will be aligned with the closest grid point or guides. To scale multiple objects, select all of them and then drag any of their size handles.

NoteIf you scale an object which has the ''Proportional Scaling'' option selected, you will only be able to resize the selected object proportionally unless holding down a Shift key while dragging.

To scale an object with the ''Edit Palette'': Enter new width and height coordinates, or multiple or divide the current coordinates by the the scale factor. For example, enter 3.87cm*.5 or 3.87cm/2 to scale an object by 50% when the current value is 3.87cm. Those objects which also have a percentage width and height can be scaled by entering 50% into the ''%W'' and ''%H'' text boxes.


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Related Tips
Hold down the Shift key while scaling an object to constrain the size to the object's current aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is the horizontal to vertical ratio of the object. Distorting the aspect ratio will change the appearance of the object and not just its size.
There are two ways to scale objects with the Object tool. The fast way shows only the objects' bounding box, while the slower method shows the outlines of each object.

If you drag a size handle immediately after holding down the mouse button, you will see only the objects' bounding box. If you pause before dragging the size handle after holding down the mouse button, (wait until after the mouse pointer changes to a 2 way arrow before moving the mouse), the actual outlines of the the selected objects wil be shown.