Generating a Mask Automatically

If you want to wrap text around the subject of a bitmapped picture, you can draw a path around the subject and use the path as a mask. PageStream can generate the mask automatically if the subject is on a white background.

To generate a mask: Select a picture with the ''Object'' tool. Choose ''Generate Mask'' from the ''Mask'' submenu in the ''Object'' menu. Choose ''Text Wrap'' from the ''Object'' menu to display the ''Text Wrap'' dialog box. Select ''Shape'' from the ''Wrap Around'' pop-up menu. Enter horizontal and/or vertical text offset values, and select a text wrap method by clicking on an icon. Click ''OK''.

NoteMasks generated automatically are not pixel-accurate so they should not be used to clip pictures overlaid on other pictures. To overlay pictures with white backgrounds, merge the pictures with an image processor before importing into PageStream.


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