Anchored Objects

You can anchor an object to text when you want it to remain with specific text. Any single PageStream object can be anchored to text.

PageStream anchors objects to invisible text mark codes inserted between characters. The object will move as the text mark to which it is anchored moves. Because anchored objects are attached to text marks, they are deleted when the text mark is deleted. If you highlight the characters surrounding the text mark and replace or delete them, the anchored object will disappear.

Anchored objects cannot be scaled, rotated or otherwise edited, nor can they be separated from text once anchored.

To anchor an object:

1. Select the object with the ''Object'' tool.

2. Choose ''Cut'' or ''Copy'' from the ''Edit'' menu.

3. Choose the ''Text'' tool and place the insertion point as required.

4. Choose ''Paste'' from the ''Edit'' menu.

To delete an anchored object: Select the object with the ''Text'' tool and then press the Delete key.

NoteTo add space to the left or right of an inline object, add an extra space or manually kern the characters from the object.


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