BME User Documentation

BME is a tool for editing bitmap pictures. You can use it to retouch scanned or digitized photographs, or to modify pictures created with paint programs. BME provides you with a variety of effects modules to alter images, and paint tools to edit pictures.

BME is not designed as a paint program. If you want to paint complex pictures, you should use a dedicated paint program such as Adobe Photoshop (Mac and Windows) or ImageFX (Amiga).

    The Credits
    Starting BME
        The Toolbox
        The Toolbar
    Opening a Picture
        Color Display
        Creating a New Picture
        Saving a Picture
        Closing a Picture
    Picture Types
    Navigating a Picture
    Changing Brush Colors
        Picking Up Colors
        Editing Colors in Palette Pictures
        Remapping Colors in Palette Pictures
    Selecting an Area
        Moving an Area
        Copying and Pasting an Area
        Cropping a Picture and Cloning an Area
        Filling an Area
        Resizing a PictureWithout Scaling
        Resizing a PictureWith Scaling
        Flipping and Rotating
        Brightness and Contrast
        Reduce Noise
        Other Effects Modules
    Autotracing a Picture
        To Autotrace a Picture
        Trace Tips
        The General Panel
        The Files Panel
        Screen Preferences (Amiga only)


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