PageStream Guide

This book in the PageStream documentation library is for tutorials, how-to's, and other items. While much of this could be part of the base PageStream User Documentation, the intent is to keep that documentation as concise as possible.

Considered this a meld between "PageStream for Dummies" and a "PageStream Cookbook". Suggestions on a better name for this document, and clearer wording for this intro is welcome!

Sections in this book are catagorized based on the main focus of that section. The base catagories will attempt to follow the PageStream User Documentation chapters.

        Translating PageStream
        Publishing and Design on the WWW
        Stamping and Scrapbooking
        Insert Formula- text format testing grounds
        Using Language Modules
        Aligning Multiple Columns of Text
        Making eye-catching titles with TextFX
        Fonts on the WWW
        Creating Your Own Borders
        Clipart on the WWW
    Line, Fill & Color
        Using Blends and Transparencies


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