Bug #331 - Script recorder doesn't save the "Include Alpha Mask" setting
Product:PageStream (MacOSX)Reported By:Janne Peräaho
Severity:NormalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:Fixed in 19:43:03
Category:ScriptingUpdated:2011-12-14 19:43:03
Summary:Script recorder doesn't save the "Include Alpha Mask" setting
Keywords:export, png, alpha mask, internal script
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1) Create a text block and make it transparent (remove filling).
2) Start recording a script.
3) Select the text block.
4) Select "Export..." from the File menu.
5) In the "Export Graphic" window, select "png" and set Mode to "RGB", XDPI to 300, YDPI to 300, and tick "Include Alpha Mask". Click Export.
6) Save the png file.
7) Stop recording the script.

You should now have a PNG file with transparency.
Run the script and look at the PNG file again. The exported file is otherwise ok except there is no transparency.

Deron Kazmaier wrote...2012-01-03 20:17:16 does not support recording of those items, but you can modify the recorded macro and place "ALPHA ON" at the end of the export line. If you look in the README.txt under changes for you can see the other additions as well (I know, it is a lot to look through!)

I've added this in the in-house version.
\n\n[Status updated to \'Fixed in\' on Tue, 03 Jan 2012 20:17:16 -0500]

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Bug #331 - Script recorder doesn't save the "Include Alpha Mask" setting by Janne Peräaho   export, png, alpha mask, internal script
  created:2011-12-14 19:43:03   last updated:2011-12-14 19:43:03
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