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Drawing Text Frames and Tables updated:2019-12-19 18:34:50
You can use PageStream's drawing tools to create simple shapes that contain complex data. You can change the color, fill style and line style of text frames and tables after drawing them, as well as attributes specific to each object. To draw a text frame: Select a 1, 2, or 3 column or note tool from the toolbox, and draw it just as you would any...

Using Objects updated:2019-12-19 18:30:45
A page is made up of objects. An object may be a picture, a drawing or a text frame; everything on a page is an object. There are seven types of objects that you can place on a page in PageStream: * text frames * text blocks * shapes and paths * pictures * EPS illustrations * drawings * tables Text frames: Text frames are containers in which text may be...

Interrupting Text Flow updated:2019-12-19 18:29:50
Line breaks: PageStream automatically breaks lines as text nears the right edge of a frame. You can force PageStream to break a line in any spot by pressing Return, but this will start a new paragraph. PageStream also allows you to start a new line without starting a new paragraph. To specify a line break: Place the insertion point where you want the line...

Formatting Text updated:2019-12-19 18:29:20
You can apply attributes to text to change its appearance and formatting. Attributes can be applied to characters or paragraphs with the ''Edit'' palette and commands in the ''Type'' menu. Attributes are divided into character and paragraph attributes because some attributes affect only paragraphs as a whole. You can...

The Navigator updated:2019-12-19 18:28:48
When you start PageStream, or whenever all windows are closed, PageStream will display the ''Navigator''. This dialog box provides quick access to the basic features. A different tip is shown in the ''Navigator'' each time it appears to help you learn more about the program. Create a new document; same as...

The Toolbox Panel updated:2019-12-19 18:28:02
Format: Select a ''Toolbox'' layout. Horz, Vert: Enter the default corner radii for rounded boxes. Start, End: Enter the default arc and pie starting and ending angles. These options apply to arcs and pies only; not actual ellipses. Sides: Enter the default number of sides for polygons, from 3 to 999. Pre-rotate: Enter the default...

Importing Text updated:2019-12-19 18:27:19
You can import ASCII text files in PageStream. If you wish to import text attributes, paragraph attributes and style tags, you may also import text files saved in the RTF (Rich Text Format) format. The vast majority of word processors can save in the RTF format. Check your word processor's documentation to learn about how to export text in the standard...

How to Resize Objects updated:2019-12-19 18:23:36
1. Select the ''Object tool'' from the ''Toolbox''. 2. Select the object(s). 3. Position the mouse pointer. Position the pointer over any size handle. Hold down the mouse button and drag until you see the mouse pointer change to a two-way arrow, and then drag the object to a new size. Release the mouse button to set...

Moving and Resizing Objects updated:2019-12-19 18:20:38
You can use the ''Object tool'' to move and resize objects. If ''Snap-to-Grid'' and ''Snap-to-Guides'' are toggled off, you can move an object to any position and scale it to any size. If ''Snap-to-Grid'' is on, you can move and resize objects only in grid increments. If...

Importing Graphics updated:2019-12-19 17:50:12
You can import pictures, drawings and EPS illustrations created with other programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP and Nova Design's ImageFX. How to import objects: 1. Select the ''Object tool'' from the ''Toolbox''. 2. Choose ''Place Graphic'' from the...

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