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Paste updated:2006-08-19 11:04:52
Pastes the contents of the clipboard into a picture as an area. paste [NAME name] NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: paste paste name 'Macintosh HD:Graphics:Tiger' paste name 'Graphics:Tiger.ILBM'

Undo updated:2006-08-19 11:01:51
If you accidentally cut, delete or paste text, you can undo the mistake by choosing the ''Undo'' command from the ''Edit'' menu. You can redo what you have undone by choosing ''Undo'' again. PageLiner allows only one level of undo, and you can only undo cutting, deleting and pasting....

Checking Spelling updated:2006-08-19 11:01:11
PageLiner allows you to check the spelling of an article by comparing the words you have typed against the words in a dictionary. PageLiner always begins spell checking from the insertion point forward. Your copy of PageLiner includes an American English dictionary. Additional dictionaries may be included, depending on the country of purchase. Contact...

Paint updated:2006-08-19 10:59:04
Paints with the brush. paint <horz vert> [mode] [NAME name] horz/i The horizontal coordinate of the pixel to paint. vert/i The vertical coordinate of the pixel to paint. mode/k The color to paint with. Options: FORE (default) | BACK. NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: paint 15 18 paint 32 61 name 'Macintosh...

Finding and Replacing Text updated:2006-08-19 10:57:19
PageLiner allows you to search for a text string and, optionally, replace it with a different text string. PageLiner always begins searching from the insertion point forward. To find or replace text: Choose the ''Find/Replace'' command from the ''Edit'' menu. Enter the search string into the...

P Commands updated:2006-08-19 10:56:06
BME P Command Reference

Open updated:2006-08-19 10:50:15
Opens a picture. open [FILE filepath] FILE/s The filename and path of the picture to open. Examples: ARexx: open file 'Macintosh HD:Documents:Panda Bear' open file 'Graphics:Tiger.ILBM'

Copying and Pasting Text updated:2006-08-19 08:37:42
When you need to copy, move or delete text in an article, you can cut or copy a selected range of text. PageLiner stores cut or copied text in the Amiga clipboard. Text in the clipboard can then be pasted into the current article, another article, or into another application such as PageStream. When text has been copied to the clipboard from PageLiner or...

O Commands updated:2006-08-19 08:35:55
BME O Command Reference

Typing and Editing Text updated:2006-08-19 08:34:47
Typing and editing text in PageLiner is almost identical to PageStream. You can place and move the insertion point, and select blocks of text for copying and cutting. Keyboard shortcuts to move the insertion point are very similar to PageStream, although some are not applicable to PageLiner. The following paragraph lists those you can use in PageLiner. To...

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