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SL_DrawIcon updated:2008-03-01 23:36:23
NAME SL_DrawIcon -- draws an icon. SYNOPSIS SL_DrawIcon(winhandle, id, x, y); A0 D0 D1 D2 void SL_DrawIcon(WINHANDLE, UWORD, WORD, WORD); FUNCTION Draws the icon defined by the resource id (id) at the specified location (x,y). INPUTS winhandle - as returned by SL_CreateWindowA. id - the resource id of the icon to draw. x,y - the upper left corner of...

SL_DrawFilledEllipse updated:2008-03-01 23:36:23
NAME SL_DrawFilledEllipse - draws a filled ellipse. SYNOPSIS SL_DrawFilledEllipse(winhandle, x, y, hr, vr); A0 D0 D1 D2D3 void SL_DrawFilledEllipse(WINHANDLE, WORD, WORD, UWORD, UWORD); FUNCTION Draws a filledellipse whose center point is x,y with a horizontal redius of hr and a vertical radius of vr. INPUTS winhandle - as returned by SL_CreateWindowA....

SL_SetForePen updated:2008-03-01 23:36:23
NAME SL_SetForePen -- sets the foreground drawing pen. SYNOPSIS SL_SetForePen(winhandle, pen); A0 D0 void SL_SetForePen(WINHANDLE, LONG); FUNCTION Sets the graphics foreground drawing pen to one of the predefined pens. INPUTS winhandle - as returned by SL_CreateWindowA. pen - a value as returned by SL_AllocPenRGB or one of: PEN_BACKGROUND PEN_TEXT...

SL_SetFillStyle updated:2008-03-01 23:36:24
NAME SL_SetFillStyle -- sets the fill pattern. SYNOPSIS SL_SetFillStyle(winhandle, pattern); A0 A1 void SL_SetFillStyle(WINHANDLE, UBYTE *); FUNCTION Sets the fill pattern to be used by SL_DrawFillBox and SL_DrawFilledEllipse. The fill pattern is taken from the pattern array. A 1 bit represents an on pixel and a 0 bit represents an off pixel. Each element...

SL_SetFont updated:2008-03-01 23:36:24
NAME SL_SetFont -- sets the gfx font. SYNOPSIS SL_SetFont(winhandle, fnthandle); A0 A1 void SL_SetFont(WINHANDLE, FNTHANDLE); FUNCTION Sets the font used by GfxDrawFont. INPUTS winhandle - as returned by SL_CreateWindowA. fnthandle - as returned by SL_OpenFont. SEE ALSO SL_SetDrawMode, SL_SetForePen, SL_SetBackPen, SL_SetFillStyle, SL_SetLineStyle....

SL_MFree updated:2008-03-01 23:36:24
NAME SL_MFree -- frees memory allocated by SL_MAlloc. SYNOPSIS SL_MFree(memory); A0 void SL_MFree(void *); FUNCTION Returns the memory allocated by SL_MAlloc to the system. INPUTS memory - as returned by SL_MAlloc. SEE ALSO SL_MAlloc.

SL_MHAlloc updated:2008-03-01 23:36:25
NAME SL_MHAlloc -- allocate memory in the form of a handle. SYNOPSIS memhandle = SL_MHAlloc(apphandle, size, flags); D0 A0 D0 D1 MEMHANDLE SL_MHAlloc(APPHANDLE, SLMSIZE, ULONG); FUNCTION Allocates a memory handle that contains a pointer to the requested memory. The memory is cleared before returning it to the application. The size of the memory to...

SL_MHGrow updated:2008-03-01 23:36:25
NAME SL_MHGrow -- increases the size of a memory handle. SYNOPSIS success = SL_MHGrow(memhandle, size); D0 A0 D0 SLFLAG SL_MHGrow(MEMHANDLE, SLMSIZE); FUNCTION Increases the size of a memory handle's memory by size bytes. INPUTS memhandle - as returned by SL_MHAlloc. size - the number of bytes to "grow" the memory handle. RESULTS success...

SL_MHRealloc updated:2008-03-01 23:36:25
NAME SL_MHRealloc -- reallocates a memory handle's memory. SYNOPSIS success = SL_MHRealloc(memhandle, size); D0 A0 D0 SLFLAG SL_MHRealloc(MEMHANDLE, SLMSIZE); FUNCTION Reallocates a memory handles memory block to be size bytes. If the new size of the handle is less than half of it's original size, and the difference between the two sizes is...

SL_GetMHAttr updated:2008-03-01 23:36:25
NAME SL_GetMHAttr -- gets the flags for a memory handle. SYNOPSIS flags = SL_GetMHAttr(memhandle); D0 A0 ULONG SL_GetMHAttr(MEMHANDLE); FUNCTION Gets the flags from an existing memory handle. INPUTS memhandle - as returned by SL_MHAlloc. RESULTS flags - the flags for the memhandle. MEMFLG_PRUGEABLE MEMFLG_GROWABLE MEMFLG_LOCKED SEE ALSO SL_MHAlloc,...

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