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SectionThe screen did not redraw correctly
It is possible for the screen not to be correctly updated at all times. You can force a window redraw with the ''Redraw Window'' script. If you have not changed the defaults, you can just press F10 to do this.

SectionConverting a text block to a path results in a black box
You do not have ''TextFX'' installed. You cannot convert text to paths in PageStream without this extension.

SectionConverting a border illustration to a path results in an outlined box
You cannot convert borders to paths. This is a limitation of the ''Borders'' extension.

SectionI tried to open a PageStream document, but it does not show up in the File Selector
Only documents that PageStream can directly open will be shown in the File Selector, unless the ''Show all Files in File Selector'' option is checked in the ''Files'' panel of the ''Preferences'' dialog box. This problem usually happens when trying to open documents coming from other platforms.

SectionWhen I rotate a box with a gradient fill, the gradient fill does not get rotated
This is a known problem. Unfortunately, the many fill options offered by PageStream make this tricky to work as expected. Use the ''Line & Fill'' dialog box to manually rotate the gradient for now.

SectionEPS graphics get printed in low resolution or as crossed boxes
You are printing to a non-PostScript printer. EPS graphics can only be printed to PostScript printers.


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