Current Supported Character Sets

Name in PageStreamFile NameComments
Amiga<built in>Amiga
Macintosh<built in>Macintosh
Windows<built in>Windows
MS-Dos<built in>MS DOS
AmigaPLAmigaPL.txtAmiga Polish
IBM CP1006CP1006.txt
Windows CP1250(EE)WINCP1250.txt
Windows CP1251WINCP1251.txt
Windows CP1252WINCP1252.txt
Windows CP1253WINCP1253.txt
Windows CP1254WINCP1254.txt
Windows CP1255WINCP1255.txt
Windows CP1256WINCP1256.txt
Windows CP1257WINCP1257.txt
Windows CP1258WINCP1258.txt
IBM EBCDIC CP424 (Hebrew)CP424.txt
HebrewPC CP856CP856.txt
Windows CP874WINCP874.txt
ISO 8859-01ISO 8859-1.txtWestern Europe
ISO 8859-02ISO 8859-2.txtEastern Europe
ISO 8859-03ISO 8859-3.txtSoutheastern Europe
ISO 8859-04ISO 8859-4.txtNorthern Europe
ISO 8859-05ISO 8859-5.txtCyrillic
ISO 8859-06ISO 8859-6.txtArabic
ISO 8859-07ISO 8859-7.txtGreek
ISO 8859-08ISO 8859-8.txtHebrew
ISO 8859-09ISO 8859-9.txtWestern Europe & Turkish
ISO 8859-10ISO 8859-10.txtBaltic
ISO 8859-13ISO 8859-13.txt
ISO 8859-14ISO 8859-14.txt
ISO 8859-15ISO 8859-15.txt
ISO 8859-16ISO 8859-16.txt
Macintosh-CEMacintoshCECentral Europe

If a character set is not supported by PageStream, please email details to and support can be added for your character set. You may also create a new character set by making a copy of the closest existing character set file in the SoftLogik/CSets folder and modifying it. Save the file in the folder with an appropriate file name. If you do so, please share with other users by sending a copy to us!

In the future, character set support for JIS and other multibyte systems will be introduced. Customers interested in such support should contact us.


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