For PageStream 3.1a, 3.2a or newer. Included in PageStream5.0 Pro

Borders are vectors illustrations designed to look good at any size. With this extension installed, you will be able to draw borders quickly around important parts of your documents. You can configure the border's design, width and colors. Two border collections are available at the time of writing: Basic and Geo Borders. Four samples of each collection are displayed below:

SectionHow to draw a border
Drawing a border is very easy. In short, you select the ''Border'' tool from the ''Toolbox'', draw a border, and then modify the default border to your liking with either the ''Edit Palette'' or the ''Borders'' dialog box.

1. Select the ''Border'' tool from the ''Toolbox''.

Create a border by dragging the mouse on the page. The coordinates will be visible in the ''Edit Palette''. When you release the mouse buttons, a border will be drawn, defaulting to the first border from the list of installed borders.

2. Choose the ''Object'' tool.

If the ''Edit Palette'' is not currently visible, choose ''Show Edit Palette'' in the ''Window'' menu. Click on the ''FX'' button in the ''Edit Palette'' to display the ''Borders'' dialog box.

3. Select a border design.

From the scrolling samples of designs, choose one by clicking on it. The default size for that design will be filled in the size field. If you wish to change the size or thickness of the border, enter a new size. The border design and size may also be set directly from the ''Edit Palette'' by using the ''Name'' and ''Size'' controls.

4. Select the border color(s).

Choose the ''Primary Color'' from the pop-up and assign a tint. If you wish to create or edit a color, click on the ''Browse'' button to the right of the pop-up. Some border designs include a second color and that color can be defined using the ''Secondary Color'' pop-up and tint.

Note: The default secondary color is Black with a 50% tint and may need to be changed if you apply another color.

5. Click on ''Apply'' or ''OK''.

The border will be redrawn on the page according to the options you selected in the ''Borders'' dialog box.

SectionHow to print a sample book of installed borders

1. Close all open documents.

Select each open document and choose ''Close'' from the ''File'' menu.

2. Configure printer.

Choose ''Print Setup'' from the ''File'' menu and ensure that the printer is properly configured for Letter Paper sized Portrait printing.

3. Play the ''Print Borders'' script.

Choose ''Play External Script'' from the ''Scripts'' menu. Select (Windows and Linux), PrintBorders.rexx (Amiga) or Print Borders (Macintosh) from the file selector. The script will print 6 labeled borders to a page.

SectionTips, tricks and limitations
When converting borders to paths using ''Convert to Path'', you will get just the box outline and not the complex border. Borders display in a manner that prevents them from being converted to a path. However, they take less memory and display faster than any path equivalent would.

The coupon borders contained in Volume 1 - Basic Borders include three additional versions of each for assembling a grid of coupons. Just draw a grid of borders with each common corner falling on the same coordinates. Assign to the upper left border the desired base design. All borders directly to the right should be of the A variation. All borders directly below should be of the B variation. All others should be of the C variation.


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User Contributed Comments For Borders
Gary Lee Smith wrote...2006-06-16 03:55:57

Be aware that in PageStream Pro the FX button in the Edit Palette is a dual use button: Before selecting the "Borders" button in the Toolbox, the FX button will bring up Gary's Effects. After selecting the "Borders" button in the Toolbox, the FX button will bring up the Borders window. Borders names may be selected and sized in the Edit Palette.
Normal object color facilities do not work with Borders. To change the colors of the Border, select the Border object you have created. Then select the FX button in the Edit Palette. This brings up a Border window in which a Primary and Secondary color may be selected. The Secondary color is used in some Borders.

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