Comparing Drawings with Groups

Do not confuse drawings with groups. While the concepts may seem similar, they produce different results, especially when you edit the combined objects.

Basically, grouping objects combines them together so that you can edit them as a single object, but the components retain their individual properties: e.g., the shapes' line weights remain the same as you scale the group, the text in text frames will reflow as it would if you had resized the text frames individually, and applying line and fill attributes to the group will not affect it.

Creating a drawing is similar to taking a "snapshot" of the combined objects: they become a single object with its own set of attributes: e.g., the line weights of shapes will be scaled as the drawing is resized, and the drawing itself can be given its own set of line and fill attributes (which will fill the unfilled parts of the drawing). Additionally, drawings may be given a name in the ''Information'' dialog box and cropped. Drawings are a very powerful feature of PageStream. They may also be made the active layer by using the ''Layer Palette'', and the objects inside will behave as if the drawing itself is a page itself.

The examples below illustrate the basic differences between grouping objects and making them into a drawing.


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