Exporting Text

PageStream allows you to export text so that it can be edited in another program or later in another publication. Filters translate PageStream's text into a format that can be understood by text editors and word processors. You can export text in the following text formats:

SectionExport text filters included with PageStream
  • ASCII: Plain text files. You will have to specify the character sets because they vary between computers and even some languages. See Appendix: Character Sets for more details on character encoding.
  • HTML: HyperText Markup Language files. *
  • IFF CTXT: PageStream's primary text format.
  • IFF FTXT: Basic AmigaOS text files.*
  • MSWord: Native file format for Microsoft Word.
  • RTF: Rich Text Format. This word processor format was created by Microsoft to allow easy data interchange between various word processors. Choose this filter if you want to retain the majority of PageStream's text and paragraph attributes.
  • Wordworth: Exports text for use with Digita's word processor for the Amiga.*

* Limited implementation: supports some or most text attributes.

SectionHow to export text
1. Select the text to export.

Highlight the text with the text cursor.

The Text Cursor

2. Choose ''Export Text'' from the ''File'' menu.

Choose options from the ''Export Text'' dialog box.

The following options might appear depending on the type of file exported:

3. Click ''Export''.

Enter a name in the ''Export'' file selector. Click ''Save''.

SectionWhat is exported
PageStream exports text as best it can given the limitations of each format. To avoid losing text attributes, use IFF CTXT (or ASCII with PageStream text codes) if you plan to import the text into PageStream later. If you choose to export using text codes, the text will be exported without any attributes expressed in the destination filter's native format; all attributes will be represented by text codes where supported.


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