Creating Tables

Tables are a special object type that contains text in individual cells that make up the table. The contents of a cell can also be the result of calulcations performed on the numerical values of other cells much like a spreedsheet.

1. Select the Table tool from the toolbox.

The mouse pointer will change to a drawing crosshair.

Drawing Crosshair Pointer

2. Drag the mouse to start the table.

Position the mouse crosshair over the start point of the table. Drag the mouse in any direction while holding down the mouse button.

3. Release the mouse button to end the table.

By default, you will have a four column and four row table. Rows and columns of cells can be deleted and inserted, as well as cell formulas, borders and fills changed with the ''Reshape'' tool. The ''Text'' tool is used to enter and format text in the cells.


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