Copying and Pasting Objects

You can cut, copy and delete selected objects with the ''Object'' tool. PageStream stores cut and copied objects on the clipboard. Objects on the clipboard can then be pasted elsewhere in the same document, in another document, or in another application.

You can remove selected objects and store them on the clipboard with the ''Cut'' commands, or delete them without retaining a copy with the ''Clear'' command.

You can also copy selected objects to the clipboard with the ''Copy'' command. Copying objects is similar to cutting except that the selected objects are not deleted.

Objects on the clipboard may be pasted in a document with the ''Paste'' command. Objects are centered in the window when pasted if ''Place Graphic in Center'' is selected from the ''Files'' panel in ''Preferences''. Otherwise, the ''Paste'' cursor appears, allowing you to position and scale the object to your liking before it is placed on the page.

The Paste Cursor

NoteWhen object(s) or text are cut or copied, the contents of the clipboard will be replaced and the previous contents will be lost. If data in another application is copied to the clipboard, the contents of the clipboard will also be replaced. Only one block of data may normally be stored in the clipboard at once.

SectionClipboard operations
  • Remove objects and copy them to the clipboard: Select the objects and choose ''Cut''.
  • Remove objects without copying them to the clipboard: Select the objects and choose ''Clear'', or press the Backspace or Del keys.
  • Copy objects to the clipboard: Select the objects and choose ''Copy''.
  • Paste the clipboard contents: Choose ''Paste''.

    Duplicating Objects


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Related Tips
If you need to make a copy of a complex object such as a picture on the same page, choose Duplicate from the Object menu instead of Copy and Paste. Duplicate is faster than copying and pasting.
To paste a copied object at its original position rather than at the center of the window, hold down Shift while choosing Paste.