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User Contributed Comments For D Commands
Tim Doty wrote...2006-05-16 20:05:16

DeleteBorder Border Extension

This command is used to remove a border from the installed list of borders. Note, this does not remove the border from the hard drive.

DeleteBorder <border name>
<border name> name of the border to remove


Extension DeleteBorder "My Border"

AddBorder, DeleteBorderPath, SaveBorders

Tim Doty wrote...2006-05-16 20:07:34

DeleteBorderPath Border Extension

This command is used to remove a path from a border. Care should be used as PageStream will crash if you use a border that is trying to use a path that has been deleted with this command.

DeleteBorderPath <border name> <index>

[code]Extension DeleteBorderPath "My Border" 0

AddBorder, AddBorderPath

Tim Doty wrote...2006-05-16 20:12:37

DuplicateBorder Border Extension

This command is used to make a copy of a border.

DuplicateBorder <border name> <new name>
<border name> the border to copy
<new name> the name of the copy

This can be useful when creating a family of similar borders or when experimenting with different settings. Note: the duplicated border is in memory only and will go away when PageStream is closed. If you use the new border in a document, save the document and close PageStream then restart PageStream and load the document a crash will happen when the page with the missing border is displayed. To avoid this only save documents with saved borders.


Extension DuplicateBorder "My Border" "New Border"


User Contributed Comments For D Commands