NewChapter Document Command

NEWCHAPTER Document Commands

Creates a new chapter in a document or chapter.

newchapter [CHAPTER name | WINDOW name]

name/s The new chapter name.

number/i The new chapter number.

CHAPTER/s The document/chapter name. Default=current.

WINDOW/s The window name. Default=current.


Returns the new chapter's name and path to RESULT. If the chapter name specified for the new chapter is already used by an existing chapter, PageStream will append .# to it, so you may wish to check the result.


newchapter 'Part Three' 7


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User Contributed Comments For NewChapter
Dan Kilroy wrote...2006-05-04 15:10:46

Script command submitted from PageStream internal documentation. Needs to be checked and merged with the command documentation above.

Gets the {...} .

chappath = NewChapter (chaptername chapter# [PAGESFROMDOCUMENT] [DOCUMENT document | CHAPTER document:... | WINDOW document-window])




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Tim Doty wrote...2006-08-09 19:14:52

The minimal form of this command is NewChapter('chapter name', chapternumber)

Note that the chapter cannot be named the same as a keyword. E.g., chapter, document, window, pagesfromdocument are off limits. This is not a limitation of PageStream documents, but of the script parsing.

User Contributed Comments For NewChapter