AddPoint Drawing Command

Adds a point to the current path.

addpoint <[MOVETO pointx pointy [join]] | [LINETO pointx pointy [join]] | [CURVETO curvex1 curvey1 curvex2 curvey2 pointx pointy [join]] | [CLOSEPATH]> [PAGE number | WINDOW name | OBJECTID number]

MOVETO/d The first point of a new path or subpath.

LINETO/d Draws a line to the point.

CURVETO/d Draws a bezier curve to the point.

CLOSEPATH Closes the open path.

join/k Specifies the join type: cornerjoin (default)|smoothjoin.

PAGE/s The page number. Default=current.

WINDOW/s The window name. Default=current.

OBJECTID/i The number of the object to manipulate.


The join type will not modify the coordinates you enter. This parameter is used by PageStream when the user draws. You can use it manually, but it won't affect the coordinates until the user modifies a curve handle with the Reshape tool.


addpoint lineto 5.1 6.25 addpoint moveto 1.6 7.3 addpoint arcto 0.5 7.3 1.2 1.65 25 93 addpoint closepath page 'project.doc~8'


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Dan Kilroy wrote...2006-05-03 19:45:44

Script command submitted from PageStream internal documentation. Needs to be checked and merged with the command documentation above.

Adds a {...} .

AddPoint ([MOVETO x1 y1] [LINETO x1 y1] [CURVETO cx1 cy1 cx2 cy2 px2 py2] [CLOSECURVE cx1 cy1 cx2 cy2] [CLOSEPATH] [CORNERJOIN | SMOOTHJOIN] [ATEND | AFTER pointindex | BEFORE pointindex] [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document-window | OBJECTID objectid])




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