SL_AppWaitState System Command

SL_AppWaitState -- change the applications wait state.

SL_AppWaitState(apphandle, state);
A0 D0

void SL_AppWaitState(APPHANDLE, SLFLAG);

Increases or decreases the applications wait state. When an application
is in a wait state, no input is allowed through the GUI. On most
systems the mouse cursor is changed to a waiting shape. The wait state
will only be left when the wait count reaches 0.

An application in a "wait" state will not recieve any APPMSG_x's, they
will be queued up until the state is cleared and then sent. The only
WINMSG_x that is sent through is the WINMSG_REFRESH. All other
WINMSG_x's are thrown away and never sent through.

apphandle - the APPHANDLE as returned by SL_AppInitAdd Page.
state - TRUE if going into a wait state.
FALSE if leaving the wait state.

All wait states entered must be matched by wait states exited or the
application will be stuck in the wait state.

The mouse form will be changed back to the form it was in when the wait
state was entered.


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