Displays the online help system table of contents.

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Displays the scripting online help system.

See: PageStream Scripting Manual

How to Use Help
Displays the online help system help.

See: HHV User Manual

About PageStream
Displays information about PageStream, its authors, GrasshopperLLC's contact information, the license owner's name and his or her registration number. The location varies between platforms.


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User Contributed Comments For Help
Deron Kazmaier wrote...2006-09-14 09:23:01

Not sure if this should be in the user documentation, but somewhere it should be documented that the Amiga version executes the arexx script {pgs directory}/Help/Help.rexx when a help page needs to be displayed. By changing Help.rexx, other browsers can be used to display the HTML help files. The parameters passed to it are:

arg[1]: Path relative to {pgs directory}/Help/
arg[2]: File
arg[3]: Anchor
arg[4]: Calling applications home path. New in 5.0.

User Contributed Comments For Help