Aligning Multiple Columns of Text

When designing a page with more than one column of text, it is a common goal to get each line of text to line up vertically with the text in adjoining columns. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to align the tops of each column and to make the leading and point sizes the same for all the text. Unfortunately that creates unreasonable restrictions on the design! The first time you make a line of text a different point size it stops working.

By setting the ''Leading Type'' to ''Local Grid'' and specifying an amount appropriate for your body text, you can still adjust your text point sizes for subheads and keep the text in others columns in vertical alignment. For example, if you set your body text in 10pt Times and you set your leading to local grid of 12pt (which is 120% of 10pts), then your body text will display the same as if leading was set to relative 120% (the default in PageStream). However, text set to 18pts will actually take up two rows of 12pts each. Subsequent lines of text after the 18pt headline will continue to line up vertically with text in other columns set to the same leading, if and only if the columns have the same top coordinate or if the y coordinates are multiples of the local grid amount (12pts in this case) from each other.

To move and draws columns and easily keep top coordinates set to multiples of 12pts (or whatever interval you choose) involves the use of grids. Just set the grid vertical interval to the same as the local grid value.

Tip: By default the side being resized will always snap to the nearest grid point. By changing ''Grid Snap'' from ''Always'' to ''Within'', and setting the horizontal and vertical amount, PageStream will snap the point to the nearest grid point only if moved within the range just like the guides work. So in effect the grid can be turned into interval based guides.


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