SetControlAttr Dialog Box Command

Gets the {...} .

SetControlAttr (reqh, ctrlid, attr, data)




See Also:
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Additional example in ''''.




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User Contributed Comments For SetControlAttr
Tim Doty wrote...2006-05-28 12:30:13

Notes from Deron:


Also, you will now be able to set the length using ControlAttr_NumChars, and also more than just setting the string (Using ControlAttr_String), you can set/get an integer using ControlAttr_Number.

Tim Doty wrote...2006-05-28 12:35:58

Some examples...


SetControlAttr(reqH, 11, ControlAttr_List, listH)
SetControlAttr(reqH, 11, ControlAttr_Current, 1)
SetControlAttr(reqH, 11, ControlAttr_String, name2)
SetControlAttr(reqH, 17, ControlAttr_State, 1)
SetControlAttr(reqH, 20, ControlAttr_Min, 0)
SetControlAttr(reqH, 20, ControlAttr_Max, 255)

ControlAttr_List -- used to set the contents of a GUI list control

ControlAttr_String -- used to set the contents of a text string

ControlAttr_Current -- used to set the index of the current active entry in a GUI list (zero indexed so LISTITEM #1 is 0)

ControlAttr_State -- used to set the state of a checkbox (0 == disabled; 1 == enabled)

ControlAttr_Min -- used to set the minimum value of a slider
ControlAttr_Max -- used to set the maximum value of a slider

User Contributed Comments For SetControlAttr