GetStyleTags Style Query Command

Fetches a list of all style tags defined in a document.

count = GetStyleTags (liststem/s [,mode/k] [,DOCUMENT document | CHAPTER document:... | WINDOW document-window])

liststem/s is the name to be given to the returned list of style tags.

mode/k is a key word defining which style tags to return. [ALL | TEXT | PARAGRAPH | CHARACTER | OBJECT | COLOR] default is ALL.

result is the number of style tag names.

liststem is the name of the list of style tag names.

Only styles associated with an open document can be returned. The default style tags are simply a file stored on disk and saved from an open document. To retrieve the list of default styles, create a headless new document.

See Also:
GetStyleTag, GetStyleTagData,


print GetStyleTags()
{'.errno': 2, '.error': 0, '.result': 0, '.errstr': 'Invalid Parameter'}
print GetStyleTags('stem') # no document window is active
{'.errno': 1002, '.error': 0, '.result': 0, '.errstr': 'No Chapter'}
print GetStyleTags('stem')
{'.error': 1, '.result': 23, 'stem': '20': 'Lavender', '21': 'Purple', '22': 'Violet', '1': 'Black', '0': 'White', '3': 'Caption', '2': 'Body Text', '5': 'Headline', '4': 'Hanging Indent', '7': 'Subhead2', '6': 'Subhead1', '9': 'Magenta', '8': 'Cyan', '11': 'Red', '10': 'Yellow', '13': 'Blue', '12': 'Green', '15': 'Lime', '14': 'Brown', '17': 'Peach', '16': 'Orange', '19': 'Pink', '18': 'Mustard'}}




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