Installing Fonts for use with PageStream Amiga

PageStream supports two font systems: PostScript Type 1 (Windows or MS-DOS format) and TrueType/OpenType (Windows format only). Compugraphic Intellifont and PageStream DMF or not current supported.

PageStream does not use the Amiga's built-in font system because AmigaOS doesn't offer the features required by a desktop publishing program.

Windows and MS-DOS PostScript Type 1 fonts are the most common font format for desktop publishing. You need two files per style and weight. The font outline file usually has a .PFB file extension and the font spacing file will have either an .AFM or .PFM extension. (Do not use both.) If optional bitmap screen font files are present, they will usually have .ABF or .## extensions. Macintosh PostScript fonts must be converted to Windows or MS-DOS format prior to use with PageStream.

To install fonts for use with PageStream for Amiga, copy them to a directory and then choose the ''Fonts'' command from the ''System Preferences'' submenu from the ''File'' menu. Click on the ''Add'' button. Open the file selector to the directory so that the fonts are listed. Click ''OK''.

AmigaOS includes 3 fonts: Times, Triumvirate and LetterGothic. Times and Triumvirate fonts are also included with PageStream and are a special version of the fonts designed to match those used in PostScript printers, so you should not add your Amiga's Fonts:_bullet_outlines directory. Instead, copy any System font files other than the System Times and Triumvirate fonts to a new folder and add that new folder to PageStream.

Previous Amiga Notes: Compugraphic Intellifonts are common on Amiga computers. Compugraphic fonts have one file per style and weight. These fonts usually have a .type or .lib file extension. You can use any Compugraphic Intellifont with PageStream, although not all Intellifonts can be printed to PostScript.

The PageStream (SoftLogik) font format is an older system which was developed for the original version of PageStream. These fonts have three files per font. The font outline file usually has a .DMF file extension, the font spacing file has a .FM extension, and bitmap screen font files have .##I or .##H extensions. Obsolete .PS and .PSF files can be deleted.


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