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Platform specific application and screen settings are defined here. On the Amiga, ''Screen Preferences'' will open the MUI Preferences for PageStream. Other platforms now provides an interface to select the display DPI, which allows for correcting the aspect ratio or size of the PageStream measurements. While most systems will report a display's dots per inch, it is rarely accurate.

The information below is simply how it previously worked on the Amiga. It would be wise to include some of these ex-Amiga specific controls on other platforms. Some of these can be controlled via preference items on some platforms, such as fonts and dialog box centering.


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Deron Kazmaier wrote...2010-03-31 10:45:20

From Theo: If you having trouble with the font (size) you can change it with a text editor in PageStream5.ini (can be found at C:\Users\AccountName\AppData\Roaming\PageStream5 for Windows 7 and probably Vista, and on XP at: C:\Documents and Settings\AccountName\Application Data\PageStream5. Where AccountName is the name you logged in, in Windows). In PageStream5.ini you can add the next line:


The 16 is the font size. Just add this line somewhere in the text (on a new line). The text in the menu won't change in size (and some palettes: Documents, Colors!!!), but the rest does. And the text in the Navigator (Tip) is even better (Tahoma shows more characters than the default font, at least in Windows XP).

User Contributed Comments For Screen Preferences