How to Move Objects

1. Select the ''Object tool'' from the ''Toolbox''.

2. Select the object(s).

3. Position the mouse pointer.

Position the pointer on the object, but not on a size handle. Hold down the mouse button and drag until you see the mouse pointer change to a four-way arrow, and then drag the object to a new position. Release the mouse button to set the new position.

Four-way Arrow Pointer

If you drag the object without pausing, only the bounding box of the object will be shown. If you hold down the mouse button and pause before moving, the mouse pointer will change to the four-way arrow. When you drag after pausing, the actual shape of the object will be shown.

You can also nudge an object by using the cursor keys. The nudge amount is set in the ''Drawing panel'' of the ''Preference'' dialog box. Hold down a Shift key while nudging the object to move the object by one-tenth the nudge amount.

NoteYou may have difficulty trying to pickup a small object to move without grabbing a size handle. When selecting a small object to move it, keep the mouse button down and drag without releasing between the selection and starting the move.


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