The ''Toolbox'' allows you to change program modes and to draw and manipulate objects. Click on a tool to select it. Only one tool may be selected at once. Some tools are combined in flyout tool groups and may be hidden. To select these, click on the tool flyout group and drag out.

Object group

''Object'' Select, move, scale and manipulate objects.

''Reshape'' Move, add, delete and edit points in paths and masks; reshape arcs; insert and delete rows and columns and edit cells in tables; reshape grids.

''Crop'' Crop pictures, drawings and EPS illustrations.

''Rotate'' Free-rotate objects from any rotation point.

''Lasso'' Freehand select, move, scale and manipulate objects.

''Text'' Enter, select and manipulate text.

''Magnify'' Increase and decrease the view magnification.

''Eyedropper'' Copy and paste object or text attributes for fast formatting.

''Column Group'' Draw 1, 2 or 3 text column frames and note frames.

''Line'' Draw diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines.

''Box Group'' Draw rectangles, rounded rectangles, scallop, bevel and inset rectangles.

''Ellipse Group'' Draw ellipses, arcs and pie slices.

''Polygon Group'' Draw normal, star, scallop, puffy and wavy polygons.

''Path Group''

''Pen'' Draw connected paths of lines and curves.

''Freehand'' Draw connected paths by sketching.

''Table/Grid Group''

''Table'' Draw tables.

''Grid'' Draw grids.

''Border'' Draw a border. The Borders extension included in PageStream Pro will allow you to draw many more border shapes.


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